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LANMexx’s QSFP-DD(Double-Density) passive copper cable assemblies double the number of high 25G/lane NRZ and 50G/lane PAM4 when compared

to the existing 100G QSFP cabling systems from 4 to 8 lanes. The QSFP-DD cables enable 200G or 400G in application lengths from 0.5 meter up to and including 2.5 meter in lengths.



  1. Configurable & flexible
  2. Backwards plug capability to 100G; seamless transition to future higher aggregate bandwidth
  3. Optimized PCB interface board with auto soldering process
  4. I/O system has 10-12 watt single port dissipative heatcapacity
  5. Assembled with industry leading twin-axial SKEWCLEAR® 8-pair or 16-pair wire
  6. EEPROM in cable assembly
  7. Passive copper length to 2.5 meter
  8. Compatible with existing 100G QSFP based connector ports (with heat sinks and / or light pipes) as well as 200G / 400G ports
  9. RoHS2 compliant
  10. Custom solutions supported



  1. 200G or 400G aggregate bandwidth capacity, dual 8-pairor single 16-pair wire supported
  2. Addresses current and future market desired bandwidth port capability requirements
  3. Exceeds 25G NRZ and 50G PAM4 performance and SI parameter in standard specification
  4. Enables use of copper and optical based cabling solutions
  5. Great SI reliability and physical capabilities (softer and better bending performance than other cables)
  6. Programmable to customer requirements
  7. Provides optimized cost, performance, cable bulk & routing solutions
  8. Meets industry standard signal performance requirements up to lengths of 2.5 meters
  9. Assured cable pluggability regardless of port bandwidth configuration
  10. Environmentally friendly
  11. Custom solutions from adapter cables to loopback cables and beyond




  1. Nickel plated zinc die cast shells & latchingmechanism parts
  2. Dual 8 differential pair or single 16 differential pair wire with EMI shielding braid and LSZH or PVC jacketing
  3. Thermoplastic cable pull tab


  1. Differential Impedance: 100Ω ± 10Ω
  2. SI performance 25G NRZ / 50G PAM4, InfiniBand and OIF specifications (per MSA agreement) 


  1. Durability: 50 cycles
  2. Mating Force: 90N max. (Per MSA agreement)
  3. Modular Retention: 125N min.
  4. Cable Axial Strain Relief: 90N min.
  5. Cable Flex: Per SFF-8417


  1. Thermal Shock: EIA 364-32, Condition 1, 25cycles, -55°C to +85°C
  2. Service life to exceed 5 years at 65°C



  1. RoHS2 Compliant



  1. Refer to the latest revision of the QSFP-DD hardware specificationfor QSFP double density 8X pluggable transceiver
  2. Applicable IEEE specifications IEEE802.3by and 3bs
  3. The InfiniBand™ architecture specification and annexes


  1. Individually packed in anti-static bags
  2. Cable ends packaged with dust covers


  1. Low Latency Communication Systems
  2. Network Interface Cards (NICs)
  3. Routers
  4. Switches
  5. Data Center Networking
  6. External Storage Systems
  7. High Performance Computing (HPC)
  8. Networked Storage Systems
  9. Servers