Fiber Optical 2 way splitter SC/APC Connector 1*2 FBT Splitter

Fiber Optical 2 way splitter  1*2 Optical Fiber PBT Splitter  SC/APC,LC/ST/FC connector

Planar waveguide light optical distributor (PLC Splitter), is a kind of planar waveguide integrated optical device, it can be 1260nm ~ 1650nm such a wide range of wavelengths of light power reservation in realization, the distribution of wavelength range covers EPON technology used1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm three wavelengths. Especially suitable for EPON Ethernet passive optical network access technology FTTP fiber network system, broadband passive optical distributor (POS) use.


FTTx Systems
Digital, hybrid and AM-Video systems
LAN,WAN and Metro Networks
CATV systems
Other applications in fiber optic systems


Low Insertion loss and Low PDL
Uniform power splitting
High reliability
Excellent environmental stability
Compact size and various package


ABS PLC splitter with SC APC connector

type PLC splitter without connector

PLC splitter with SC APC connector

LGX PLC splitter with SC APC connector

1×2 single mode FBT coupler
Operating Wavelength(nm)
Split Ratio
from 50/50 to 5/95
Polarization Dependent Loss(dB)
Fiber Length (m)
1.0(±0.1)or customized
Connector Type


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