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Generally, the cost and energy saving need to be considered when deploying the network in the data center. As the 40G optical module and the 100G optical module are relatively high cost and larger power consumption, and 10G optical module rate cannot meet the network requirement, but 25G SFP28 optical module not only can make up for the shortcomings between the 10G,40G,100G, also can improve the port density of the network, reduce the deployment cost, and effectively reduce the power consumption.

what is the 25G SFP28 SR optical module?

25G SFP28 optical module is an optical module with a transmission rate of 25 Gbps, a single-channel, 850nm wavelength pluggable SFP28 optical module. Mainly used for 25G Ethernet switches, 100G (4x25Gbps) Ethernet, routers, network interfaces (NICs) and short-distance data transmission in storage network equipment. Take the VCSEL transmit lasers, the transmission distance can up to 70 m when usedwith OM3 fiber,up to 100 m when used with OM4 fiber. DDM data diagnosis function support, can help monitor all aspects of optical modules in real time in network management.
25G SFP28 optical module perfectly reflects LANMexx’s mature circuits and technologies, and guarantee provides cost-effective products.

25G SFP28 SR optical module Parameter


Ø Supports 25Gbps data rate

Ø 70m on OM3 MMF and 100m on OM4 MMF

Ø 850nm VCSEL laser and PIN photo-detector

Ø Inter CDR on both Transmitter and Receiver channel

Ø Duplex LC receptacle

Ø Single 3.3V power supply

Ø Power dissipation < 1W

Ø DDM functions are available via the I2C interface

Ø RoHS-6 compliant

Ø Commercial case temperature range: 0°C to 70°C

Applications Applications

Ø 25GBASE-SR Ethernet

Summary of the advantages of 25G Ethernet:
1. Input/Output (I/O) performance and fiber capacity;
2. 2.5 times performance compared with 10G Ethernet;
3. Higher Port density.
4. cost-effective, power -effective.
5. smaller number of ToR switches and cable required
6. Complements the 100G Ethernet standard

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