Mellanox MC220731V-020 Compatible 56G QSFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable)

Mellanox MC220731V-020 Compatible 56G QSFP+ AOC (Active Optical Cable)

56Gbps QSFP+ Active Optical Cable

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56GBASE QSFP+ to QSFP+ 5M Active Optical Cable 56G QSFP+ AOC OM3 Multimode Fiber Cables Arista HP Mellanox Generic Compatible QSFP-H56G-AOC5M

56Gbps QSFP+ Active Optical Cable

  1. Applications
    * Low-latency and high-speed interconnections for high performance computing(HPC)
    * 40G Ethernet SR4
    * Infiniband 56Gbase QSFP+
    * Other high-throughput data transmission network
    * Storage area Network(SAN)
    2. Features
    * Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP)
    * 40GBASE-SR4 compliant
    * FDR (Infiniband) compliant
    * Bi-directional parallel link
    * 16Gb/s per lane, x4 channels
    * Up to 100m
    * Low profile connectors
    * Low power consumption
    * Bundle multi-mode fiber array
    * 850nm VCSEL four array
    * PIN diode four array
    * Hot-Pluggable

    * I2C management interface
    * From 0 to 70 degree case temperature
    * 3V power supply voltage
    * Electrical 38-pin connector

Compatible brand 

QSFP+ to 8 x LC Connector Breakout Optical Cable For  Data Center

Order  information


Package Data Rate Reach Fiber Type
56G SFP+ AOC 56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 1M 56Gb/s 1m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 2M 56Gb/s 2m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 3M 56Gb/s 3m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 5M 56Gb/s 5m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 7M 56Gb/s 7m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 10M 56Gb/s 10m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC 15M 56Gb/s 15m OM2/OM3
56G QSFP-QSFP AOC  20M 56Gb/s 20m OM2/OM3


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