Multimode Duplex LC 40G 850nm 100m QSFP+ BiDi SR

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40G QSFP+ SR Bidi 100m Transceiver 40GBASE SR4 QSFP+ Bidi Optical Module for Data Center


LANMexx QSFP BiDi SR is a Four-Channel, Pluggable, LC Duplex, Fiber-Optic QSFP+ Transceiver for 40 Gigabit Ethernet Applications. This transceiver is a high performance module for short-range duplex data communication and interconnect applications. It internally multiplexes an XLPPI 4x10G interface into two 20Gb/s electrical channels, transmitting and receiving each optically over one simplex LC fiber using bi-directional optics. This results in an aggregate bandwidth of 40Gbps into a duplex LC cable. This allows reuse of the installed LC duplex cabling infrastructure for 40GbE application. Link distances up to 100 m using OM3 and 150m using OM4 optical fiber are supported.



  • Compliant to the 40GbE XLPPI electrical specification per IEEE 802.3ba-2010
    Compliant to QSFP+ SFF-8436 Specification
    Aggregate bandwidth of > 40Gbps
    Operates at 10.3125 Gbps per electrical channel with 64b/66b encoded data
    QSFP MSA compliant
    Capable of over 100m transmission on OM3 Multimode Fiber (MMF)and 150m on OM4 MMF
    Single +3.3V power supply operating
    Without digital diagnostic functions
    Temperature range 0°C to 70°C
    RoHS Compliant Part
    Utilizes a standard LC duplex fiber cable allowing reuse of existing cable infrastructur




  • 40 Gigabit Ethernet interconnects
    Datacom/Telecom switch & router connections
    Data aggregation and backplane applications
    Proprietary protocol and density applications




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QSFP+ to 8 x LC Connector Breakout Optical Cable For  Data Center



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